President Trump Angry As Evidence Contradicts His Coronavirus Narrative

President Donald Trump’s contempt for science and disdain for specialists who question his political narratives are forcing his increasingly defensive and fragile direction of the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump was short-tempered and impolite during a lot of his everyday briefing on Monday because he refused to hear questions regarding flaws in the national authorities’ effort.

On Sunday, Trump muzzled the nation’s top infectious disease specialist Dr. Anthony Fauci before he could contradict his own gushing evaluation of an unproven Covid-19 treatment.

On Monday, the President also blasted a report by an experienced Health and Human Services Department watchdog official that discovered significant supply shortages at hospitals throughout the country, claiming tensions between science and politics which lie at the crux of the struggle to eradicate the pandemic while still saving the market will become even more intense as stress grows.

On the weekend, one of Trump’s economic advisers — Peter Navarro — clashed with Fauci within the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine, the drug that the President insists could rescue Covid-19 patients, Navarro told CNN’s”New Day” on Monday that despite his lack of health education, he had been able to weigh in on the situation.

In comments that epitomized the government’s lax respect for experience.

When reporters tried to ask Fauci, who has previously expressed caution about the medication, about its uses in a briefing on Sunday, the President wouldn’t allow him to reply, saying

In one vital field of the pandemic response, Trump remains listening to the specialists. He’s sticking to advice provided by Fauci and another high coronavirus task force member Dr. Deborah Birx to expand social distancing guidelines until April 30.

The physicians last week introduced dire warnings of several million deaths if he didn’t behave.

But, his feuds with colleagues about other problems Monday underscored his wider compliments to enable inconvenient proof to mar his supposed image of hugely powerful direction amid the worst national.

We aren’t supposed to stand on street corners during testing,” he said when faced with questions about deficiencies in coronavirus testing.

On the day when the US death toll passed 10,000, there was something surreal in seeing the President’s outbursts, a familiar strategy that often pleases his political base and serves to depict himself as a victim of what he asserts is a social network.

The openness of a President — that once called a”miracle” would sweep away the virus — to dismiss expert advice has painted his whole government, from climate change to foreign

The political model which made him so attractive to Americans dismayed with all the elite specialist institution is determined by disturbance — and when the facts get in the manner that suspicion of science and government experience runs deep in the heart of the Trump team’s DNA.

Countless bureaucrats have left the authorities as Trump has blasted a”deep state” of public officials.

Among his ex-senior advisers, Steve Bannon once described Trump’s assignment as the”deconstruction of the administrative state.

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