Solo Travel Planning Tips

Those who have never traveled independently often describe their first solo trip as an almost spiritual experience. Solo travel provides you the opportunity to indulge yourself entirely.

However, a little preparation and common sense can help you save money and get you through the rough spots. Solo travel may be the greatest in self-indulgence; you can rest when you need and put it on when you are feeling ambitious.

Another advantage is that your mistakes are your own, and your triumphs even more exciting. There is no worrying that your insistence on hiking all the way across town into a museum that was closed destroyed your spouse’s day.

Additionally, you can do just what you need to do–all the time. Sign up for a course and go for it; there is no one sitting on the beach feeling exhausted as you have the time of your life.

Don’t you have any desire to see Niagara Falls?
It is perhaps the foremost issue of the single or solo traveler: Is solo travel safe?

But the expression”safety in numbers” is not always accurate –a solo traveler can blend in more easily than a bunch, rather than drawing attention to yourself as a tourist.

Know how long it takes and how much it costs to get from the airport to your hotel or into the city center. Solo travelers are more inclined to be”taken for a ride,” so ask the taxi driver for an estimated fare before you depart.

When it’s substantially different from what you know to be true, have a different taxi (or choose rideshare rather). Reserve a hotel with a 24-hour front desk if you are going to be arriving late, so you don’t wind up sleeping in your car or even worse.

If you decide to wear a money belt, then use it for storage rather than as a handbag. Constantly reaching beneath your shirt for cash draws attention to it and defeats the purpose.

Rather, keep your passport, additional stores of cash, and other vital documents tucked away, and utilize a theft-resistant bag or handbag for carrying everyday spending money.

Stick to public and open areas, particularly at night. Whether you are on a road at home or 7,000 miles away, walking confidently and with leadership is a powerful method for deterring unwanted attention, since seeming confused or

If you’re lost, walk into a store or restaurant and request directions there. Ditch the Disney T-shirt and do not walk around with your face in a guidebook. Don’t draw attention to yourself by wearing flashy jewelry or clothes.

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