Professional: Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

The new flagship smartphone is supersized in most dimensions using a giant 6.9in screen, enormous zoom camera along with the ginormous price.

The £1,199 S20 Ultra leads a significant new lineup of 5G-as-standard smartphones from Samsung, which appears to make the technology a standard part of mobile life as opposed to a mobile life.

However, in 2020 5G alone is not sufficient to stand out, so the S20 Ultra includes a smorgasbord of stats and attributes which, on paper at least, make it unbeatable.The #1,199 S20 Ultra leads a significant new lineup of 5G-as-standard smartphones from Samsung, which appears to make the technology a standard part of mobile life as opposed to an expensive.

It’s a 6.9in QHD screen, which is practically the size of a tablet. It’s 222g in weight and 76mm wide, which is right at the limit of what I could deal with. The 166.9millimeter length makes it hard to pocket without injuring yourself or the telephone when you sit down.

The glass is slick when chilly or puts on the couch, but the phone is so large I Can’t see many using it without Some Form of situation. The display’s 120Hz refresh rate is double the typical 60Hz, and faster still than last year’s OnePlus 7 Pro and Pixel 4.

Animations and scrolling through lists, websites and other content is much easier at 120Hz that it is hard to return to 60Hz, even if this limits the resolution to flip the phone over and you’ll discover the super-sized lump comprising four cameras and a flash at the top left corner.

It is large, sticks miles and you can feel it with your fingers when you use the telephone. The S20 Ultra is the first smartphone to ship in Europe with Samsung’s most current Exynos 990 processor.

In the US it’s Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 instead. Both variants include 12 or even 16GB of RAM, which is more than many notebooks. Snappy, smooth and responsive, even with graphically intensive games.

Like everything else, the battery is supersized from the S20 Ultra, with a capacity of 5,000mAh, which is roughly 1,000mAh larger than the one from the iPhone 11 Pro Max or OnePlus 7T Guru, and larger than the 4,500mAh battery at the S10 5G.

Battery life ranges from an excellent 42 hours 4G with the display set to FHD at 60Hz, to 40 hours with this up to 120Hz, and a solid 38 hours. The S20 Ultra will undergo even the heaviest of days without needing a charge.

Quick 15W wireless charging and 7W wireless power-sharing is also available — great for charging your Galaxy Buds or alternative Qi-compatible phones from the rear of the S20 Ultra.

Samsung doesn’t speed the battery at the S20 Ultra for a fixed number of charge cycles (which is typically 500) but does supply a one-year warranty.

Despite being rated as difficult to fix, Samsung claims the unit is usually repairable and the battery is replaceable, by authorized service centers at prices likely to be in Samsung provides trade-in and recycling schemes for older devices. It didn’t comment on the use of recycled materials in its telephones. 2017’s top business stories: Whole Foods, hackers and a giant bunny

1 UI has become among the best implementations of Android, especially for big-screen smartphones, since it treats the surface of the display as an information display section and the bottom– the bit you can actually reach with your thumb — as a place for all interactions.

You must use Samsung’s programs to truly make the most of it, but it works really well. It is also possible to perform split-screen multitasking, have programs float over other programs (not just video), replicate messaging programs like WhatsApp so that you can have two accounts.

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