2020 Home Renovation

Thinking about home renovation? Be certain to think about these dos and don’ts before getting stuck in — they can help you save money and plenty of hassle, helping your home improvement project to succeed.

Stick To A Budget
Lots of folks borrow money to renovate their house, but with no budget, you might wind up taking out a lot of loans and building up plenty of debt. Get too far in the red and you might end up resenting your renovation later instead of being proud of it. Try to maintain a strict budget and save as much cash as possible beforehand — by looking in the maximum CD rates, you can save money more quickly. You might even wish to get price quotes ahead of time from contractors so you know how much you will need to save up.

Consider Going DIY
Taking on a few of the home improvements yourself can save you some money. There are numerous projects which don’t need you to be overly DIY savvy like painting and putting up shelves. You may even try putting tiles, installing floors and setting up cabinets.

BUT Don’t Do It All Yourself
Whilst some jobs are relatively safe to DIY, others such as electrics, gas pipes and window installation can be harmful if carried out without instruction. In actuality, these tasks could even be prohibited without a license. For such jobs, be certain that you’re hiring professionals.v

Don’t Forget Planning Permission
Planning permission generally isn’t required for conversions and interior renovations, but if you’re building outwards such as adding an extension or raising the roof, planning permission might be a necessity. Until your neighborhood planning committee gives the go-ahead, do not do any renovation job — if you are denied planning permission, then you might be asked to undo any work you make. Giving them a copy of your architect’s drawings might enable you to provide a clear indication of what you intend to do.

Consider The Timing
You may have the ability to get a lower price on contractors for specific projects at specific times of the year. Heating upgrades and attic insulation are two jobs which are generally more economical in summer once the demand is reduced — many builders will be getting less business during these seasons and will have competitive prices. Meanwhile, outdoor projects like installing decking or placing a patio are generally cheaper in the winter for similar reasons.

Consider Energy Efficiency
It’s well worth considering the effect your renovation will probably have on your energy consumption. A kitchen renovation might be an ideal time to change to an eco-friendlier oven and fridge. If you are renovating a bathroom, you might want to obtain a multi-flush bathroom and consider insulation. This will all help to decrease your utility bills.

Don’t Ignore The ROI
If you intend to sell your home in the future, it might also be worth considering the additional value your renovation project brings to your dwelling. Particular projects could boost your home’s value, for example, converting a loft into a bedroom or shifting to double glazing. Other projects might have the contrary effect such as knocking two bedrooms with each other to create one large bedroom or using bold color schemes — these are improvements you may want to avoid.

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